The experience and skill of the acting ensemble allows the truths inherent in McCaskill's writing to shine through.

- Theatreview

In a nutshell:

The Biggest uses humour to tell the true story of living with prejudice in rural New Zealand. Written by award-winning actor/script writer Jamie McCaskill, the original idea for The Biggest came from his time in Thames while working at the local bar observing the local's, their interactions and the inherent racism in that town. These types of prejudices are part of life in New Zealand and bringing it to the stage through a fun and entertaining theatre show makes it accessible to everyone.  

The cast features Peter Hambleton and Tim Gordon who are joined by poet Apirana Taylor and Wesley Dowdell with Kali Kopae playing the only female role. 

The prestigious Hauraki fishing competition is coming up and Poppa, Pat and Mick meet at the local pub to welcome back wheelchair bound Stu, who has been absent for months after writing off his new boat in a car accident. The men seize the opportunity to enter the fishing competition to try to win Stu a new boat. Standing in their way is the town's hottest fisherman, Jan Martin, who makes it his mission to get in the way of their prize by obnoxiously giving the men a hard time and looking for any opportunity to chastise and dent the men's confidence.

 A group of aging underdogs trying to upset the odds against an arrogant young fisherman is the basic premise, although it is the personal lives and interactions between each of the four men which carry most of the dramatic weight. Secrets are revealed and discoveries made. 

"This is a contemporary New Zealand play with a big heart. As a depiction of rural life and the colourful, eccentric characters who inhabit it, The Biggest proves a richly entertaining piece of theatre".Theatreview 2016

Years 9-13
Language Warning:  Contains use of swear words.


Photograph: Larissa Warren, Fineline Photography 

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